Dustin Seward

Dustin Seward is a driven and results-oriented executive serving as Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales at CDL. With over 10 years of experience, he has established himself as a valuable asset in developing and executing successful marketing and sales strategies that have elevated the company’s marketing potential.

Dustin’s passion for setting both short and long-term goals is contagious, and he consistently motivates his team to strive for overall success. His expertise has been pivotal in the company’s multiple mergers and acquisitions, and he has fostered strong relationships with Class 1 railroads, Fortune 500s, and larger short-line partners.

When not busy spearheading the company’s growth, Dustin indulges in his hobbies, which include traveling, spending quality time with his family, and networking with individuals from diverse backgrounds. He holds a Business Management degree from Pittsburg State University, where he excelled in academics and honed his leadership skills.

Dustin’s unwavering commitment and passion for his work have positioned him as an integral part of CDL’s leadership team, and we are grateful to have him onboard.