Marco Ibarra

Marco Ibarra is a remarkable individual who has accomplished great feats despite facing language barriers at a young age. Born and raised in Mexico, he relocated to the United States to pursue his dreams of studying Electronic Engineering at Pittsburg State University. Despite struggling with the English language, Marco taught himself and became fluent, paving the way for his successful career.

After working for Cessna Aircraft Company as an Avionics and Electrical Engineer, Marco returned to Pittsburg, Kansas, to raise his family and joined CDL as a railroad signal supervisor. With his exceptional engineering skills, he built the wiring shop division, which has become a significant branch division of CDL’s railroad install and signal division. Marco’s impressive career at CDL spans over 18 years, during which he has held various positions, including Signal Maintainer, Supervisor, Director, and currently, Vice President of Railroad Signals, while also overseeing the Engineering.

Not only has Marco excelled in his role at CDL, but he also played a pivotal role in bringing the Serrmi division to Pittsburg, which fabricates various aluminum buildings and projects, including the bungalows seen at railroad crossings. Marco’s passion for restoring homes and properties in his free time is a testament to his commitment to improving the world around him.

Marco’s impressive career trajectory and unwavering dedication to his work make him a valuable asset to the CDL family. He has come full circle in the railroad industry, from maintaining and caring for crossings to designing and building the same bungalows he once wired.