Wanda Beaudoin

Wanda Beaudoin is a seasoned professional with over 30 years of experience leading management teams across multiple industries in Canada. As the current leader of the CDL Human Resource and Relations team, Wanda is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that foster employee engagement, drive growth, and enable the development of high-performing teams.

After graduating in 1992 from Nursing, Wanda went on to pursue lifelong learning and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. She also completed the Harvard Mentor Management Program, Northern Lakes Leadership Program, and many others. Wanda’s commitment to professional development reflects her passion for excellence and continual improvement. Wanda has remained active in the nursing profession, working with her nursing association as a Designated Person Appointed by the Council for professional conduct matters.

Prior to joining CDL, Wanda served as the Chief Operating Officer in the seniors housing industry, where she played a pivotal role in developing and executing the organization’s core strategic and operational plans. One of her key accomplishments was developing a customer and employee engagement strategy that helped to drive organizational success. With her extensive experience in innovative leadership and operational management, Wanda is well-equipped to manage change, drive employee engagement, and foster the growth and development of others.

Through her dedication to professional growth and her experience across multiple industries, Wanda brings a unique perspective to her role as the leader of the CDL Human Resource and Relations team. Wanda has demonstrated a passion for enabling the growth and development of others to create high-performing and collaborative teams. Her proven leadership and management skills, combined with her commitment to employee success, make her an asset to the CDL team.