5 Essential Factors to Consider When Purchasing Outdoor Signage

When it comes to advertising your business, outdoor signage can be a highly effective way to attract customers and build brand awareness. However, not all outdoor signage (or outdoor sign installation companies) is created equal, and choosing the right type of sign can be crucial to its effectiveness. 


There are 5 essential factors your business needs to consider before purchasing outdoor signage:


  • Location: Where will the sign be placed, and what are the environmental factors that need to be taken into account (e.g. weather, traffic, visibility)?
  • Purpose: What message are you trying to convey, and what type of sign (e.g. digital, static, illuminated) is best suited to your needs?
  • Design: How can you ensure that your sign is visually appealing and stands out from other signage in the area?
  • Materials: What types of materials are available, and what are the pros and cons of each (e.g. durability, cost, maintenance)?
  • Cost: How can you balance your budget with the need for a high-quality sign that will last for years?


Not sure how to answer these questions? Keep reading for more information. 


The first factor to consider when purchasing outdoor signage is where it will be located. The location of the sign will determine what type of sign is most appropriate, as well as the size and design of the sign. 


For example, a sign that is placed on a busy street will need to be larger and more visually appealing than a sign that is placed on a quiet side street. With so many other things to look at, you want to ensure drivers will see your sign above the rest.


In addition to considering the physical location of the sign, it’s also important to consider the surrounding environment. If your business is in a highly wooded area or a road with no lighting, you’ll need to consider larger lettering or having it more brightly lit. 


Our team at CDL has installed signs in all types of neighborhoods, terrains, and markets. We can help you pick the best location for your outdoor signage.


Different types of signs are suited to different purposes. Consider what message you want to convey with your sign and what type of sign will best communicate that message to your target audience.


  • A digital sign may be best suited to advertising sales or promotions
  • A static sign may be better for displaying your business’s name and logo


The good news is, you can consider a mix of both if you have multiple goals for your sign — if your budget allows. We’ll help you weigh the pros and cons to see which is right for you.


Think of the last sign you saw that caught your attention. You can probably recall it pretty easily. That’s how important the design is to the sign’s effectiveness. 


A poorly designed sign may go unnoticed or worse — ignored — while a well-designed sign can catch the eye of potential customers and draw them in. With the right colors, imagery and message, a sign can be the difference between a potential customer and a potential bust.


When designing your sign, keep these things in mind:


  • It should be simple and easy to read
  • Use colors and fonts that can be seen from a distance
  • Don’t clutter it with too much information
  • Make it consistent with your brand
  • Try to think outside the box


If possible, work with a marketing company or design specialist to ensure you follow all the best practices. Luckily, we offer that as part of our services at CDL!


The materials used to create your sign are also important factors to consider. Outdoor signs need to be able to withstand the elements, so it’s important to choose materials that are durable and weather-resistant.


Common materials used for outdoor signage include: 


Pros Cons
Aluminum Long-lasting and durable Can cause glare
Acrylic Easy to clean and weather resistant Expensive and hard to repair
Vinyl Most affordable and low maintenance Doesn’t last as long as other materials


Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to choose the material that best suits your needs and budget. Our team at CDL can help you navigate which one works best for your chosen application.


The cost is obviously a top concern for most businesses, but it shouldn’t be the most important one — which is why we put it at the bottom of our list. 


While it may be tempting to go for the cheapest option, it’s important to remember that outdoor signage is an investment in your business’s visibility and brand awareness. A cheap sign will look cheap; not to mention it may cost you more in the long run.


Consider the long-term costs of your sign, including maintenance and repair costs. Investing in a high-quality sign may be more expensive upfront, but it can save you money over time by reducing the need for frequent repairs or replacement.

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Purchasing outdoor signage requires careful consideration of several key factors. By taking into account the location, purpose, design, materials, and cost of your sign, you can ensure that it effectively communicates your message and draws in potential customers.


Our team at CDL is ready to help you turn your vision into a reality. Whether you need a small sign for your interior or a large-scale design mounted on your building, we’re here to help. Contact us today to get started.