HVAC Repair

How to Avoid HVAC Repairs with Seasonal Maintenance

CDL offers seasonal HVAC maintenance for $75 an hour and it takes about one hour to perform service on a regularly maintained unit. Interested? Visit our Instant Quote tool or call (800) 392-4942 today. Want to see the other HVAC services we offer? Visit our HVAC Services Maintenance & Repair page now. If you want to avoid HVAC repairs and save some money keep reading to find out how.

Check & Change Filters

Dirty filters use more energy causing you more money. By cleaning and changing the filters regularly allows more air to pass through and keeps the condensing coil clean for longer.

Clean Condenser Coil

Condensing coils hold the refrigerant in its liquid form and takes the heat that the evaporator coil removes from the indoor air and releases it outside. You can see why it’s important that this coil performs to the best of its ability. You can clean the coils by simply spraying the unit and whipping away loose material with a cloth.

Clean Fan Blades

Using a soft, clean cloth you can wipe off debris from the fan blades. 

Check & Clean the Blower Wheel

If a blower wheel is dirty or has grease build up it can slow down the wheel reducing the amount of air the blower can move through your space. You can clean the blower wheel by disassembling the wheel and using a garden hose to remove excess grease and dirt.

Check Refrigeration Charge Low & High Pressure

Use a pressure checker to ensure the pressure is in a stable range by using a refrigerant gauge. Refrigerant Gauges range in price but we use Yellow Jacket as our primary brand and they run about $215-$350 for a good set and can be found here on Amazon.

Check & Clean Condensate Drain

To prevent a clogged AC drain you can kill mold and other bacteria by using vinegar. To unclog a drain you can use a shop vacuum to remove any foreign objects. Using distilled vinegar and allow to sit in the line for 20-30 minutes and flush with water.

Feeling unsure?

We get it. It’s a lot and some people that don’t feel comfortable performing all these tasks on a unit they don’t work on day in and out. That’s why we are here. Our technicians go through an 18-point inspection when they perform maintenance. If you want to learn more about CDL’s HVAC services check out our HVAC Services Maintenance & Repairs page or get a quote by using our Instant Quote Tool or call us at (800) 392-4942.