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Horizontal Directional Boring.

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direction boring for underground utilities

Embark on hassle-free utility installations with CDL! Our noninvasive procedures ensure minimal disruption to the landscape, sparing large areas from extensive trenching. With a rich history of delivering top-notch quality and reliability, we specialize in underground utility installations, offering unmatched expertise in directional boring and drilling for projects of all sizes. If you’re on the hunt for “directional boring underground utility services near me,” look no further. Contact CDL today to initiate a seamless and efficient solution for your project.


What We Do.

When you need horizontal directional boring, CDL is there. We have a history of performing quality, reliable work and are dedicated to the customer experience.




  • Fiberoptics drilling
  • Electrical lines
  • Cable Plowing
  • Rock Sawing
  • Multiple Raceway
  • Underground Utilities


About CDL

Since 1964, CDL has provided Railroad, Trade and Manufacturing services across the United States. As one of the fastest growing companies in the area, we have expanded to include over 15 specialized services across 3 business segments. Today, we proudly serve 40,000 customers and maintain +3,000 railroad crossings in North America across these segments.

Our success is rooted in our providing value to our customers, as well as our unwavering commitment to our team members. We follow the principles of honesty, excellence, accountability, respect, and teamwork.

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