Sign Division’s Remarkable Journey with National Accounts

In the dynamic realm of sign installations, CDL Sign Division has emerged as a shining star, leaving an indelible mark with its extraordinary growth and accomplishments. Guided by the visionary leadership of Chad Johnston, the Director of Sign Division, CDL achieved a staggering milestone – doubling sales and profit within a single year in its National Account segment. This remarkable feat is a testament to the team’s unwavering dedication and their steadfast commitment to a “growth-minded” ethos.

Brett Wheeler, the National Account Manager for Signs, has been a driving force behind cultivating partnerships with major national accounts. CDL Sign Division’s specialization in Rebrand projects has propelled them to the forefront of the industry. Notably, Pro Signs entrusted CDL with the Rebrand project for over 150 Subway locations, an engagement set to continue until October. Additionally, a fortuitous encounter with Persona at the ISA sign show in Atlanta paved the way for CDL to undertake more than 30 Casey’s rebrands, with numerous pending bids on the horizon. The collaboration with ID Associates has further yielded significant results, with a substantial roster of over 30 Tractor Supply projects slated for completion by year-end.

Meeting the demands of this remarkable growth, CDL Sign Division bolstered its installation team from 2 to 5 squads, comprising a total of 10 skilled professionals. These teams, a testament to their unwavering dedication, operate tirelessly regardless of weather conditions, traversing vast distances from Iowa to Texas to meet the intricate demands of national account projects. Their versatility is awe-inspiring, encompassing expertise in welding, electrical work, construction, and meticulous attention to detail.

Renato Pinto, the Graphics Manager, has been instrumental in steering fleet vehicle wraps for esteemed clients like Heritage Tractor and the City of Pittsburg Police Department. The division’s steadfast commitment to continuous education ensures that their vinyl technicians remain adept in all facets of graphics.

Yet, the triumphant journey of CDL Sign Division would be incomplete without the indispensable contributions of their exceptional administrative staff. Haley Holt, a linchpin in organizational matters, diligently orchestrates billing and coordination across five nationwide crews. Her impeccable communication skills and attention to detail serve as the bedrock of seamless interaction with national accounts. Vanessa Scott, a maestro in the realm of permitting, adeptly navigates the labyrinthine landscape of licensing and paperwork, thereby ensuring flawless installations.

Armed with an unwavering dedication to excellence and an unrelenting forward-thinking outlook, CDL Sign Division continues to etch its success story in the annals of the industry. A luminous future awaits, as the division eagerly anticipates countless more years of triumph, fueled by the ardor and zeal of its exceptional team.

“Growing with purpose has been the driving force behind our accomplishments in the sign division over the past few years. This growth mindset permeates every facet of our division. Our commercial installers, regardless of their initial experience, now boast the prowess to weld, tackle electrical tasks, and adeptly operate a spectrum of equipment. Our vinyl technicians actively pursue ongoing education, and our administrative team wears multiple hats with finesse. A strategic decision to vigorously pursue national accounts a few years ago has led to exponential expansion. Our fleet has burgeoned in size, our installation team has more than tripled, and our vinyl workshop thrives on embracing novel challenges. This growth would not be sustainable without the unwavering commitment of each and every employee in our division,” affirmed Chad Johnston, Director of Sign Division.